Monday, 14 April 2014

What’s In My Lost Makeup Bag? Part 1

This is a dedication to my dearly beloved and recently lost makeup bag, not to mention all the things inside. I was so so so heart-broken when I realised that it must have accidently slipped out of my bag on the Virgin train from Glasgow. After a short grieving period, I decided to write some quick reviews about the things I carried with me and lost. After this I’ll let bygones be bygones and move on with my life. 

1. Charlotte Tilbury Make-up Bag (£15 HERE is the updated version “GIVE A WOMAN THE RIGHT & MAKE-UP SHE CAN CONQUER THE WORLD”)

Photo Credit

I loved my gorgeous makeup bag from Charlotte Tilbury Makeup (for more detailed information check HERE). To reminded myself on the message of “EVERY WOMAN DESERVES A MAN TO RUIN HER LIPSTICK, NOT HER MASCARA”, I actually purchased 2 of this makeup bags, which shows how much I love it LOL. So, now the spare one comes in pretty handy and lessens my sorrow.

2. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm (£29 HERE)

It’s lucky that I stocked up a 

few of these pretty little 

things last Christmas. So 

I’m covered on this matter. 

A full review of it is available HERE.

3. Benefit They’re Real Mascara (£19.50 HERE)

Honestly, I don’t feel too sad about losing this product except the feeling of loss itself. You can say I’m picky in terms of mascaras. I’ve not been blessed with long and curly eyelashes; on the contrary, my eyelashes are short and straight. Since they will never get close to those full fluttering effects like on mascara adverts without false eyelashes, I don’t really fall in love with mascaras easily.

At the same time I think I can be pretty easily pleased with mascaras, because the only things I ask for from mascara is to not smudge everywhere, not clump up or dry up quickly. The performance of the Benefit they’re real mascara was completely opposite to my desires. Having said that it is easy to apply and the wand is interesting and different.

4. Fashionista Eyebrow Powder Kit By MUA (Available at Superdrug £7.99)

It was a random purchase and it later turned down to be a good buy. The price of this kit is really friendly and the payoff of it is not bad at all. There are better eyebrow products out there, but this one is definitely worth the value for money.

5. Maybelline Colour tattoo in On & on bronze (£4.99 at Boots)

This one from Maybelline is doubtlessly my most frequently used cream eyeshadow. This colour particularly, On & on bronze, takes my heart. (That’s the reason I quickly went to Boots and got a new one… and some other shades…) It is very smooth and leaves a beautiful bronzed sheen on the eyelids. You can use it on its own or apply it as an eyeshadow base to guarantee a longer lasting effect.

6. Topshop Brightener + 7. Topshop Black Gel Eyeliner Pot

I have reviewed these two products on one of my previous posts along with some other beauty products I’ve used from Topshop. Check it out at HERE.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Hydration – Pivotal To Beautiful-looking Skin

It’s important to adjust our skincare products as weather conditions change. We definitely need to pay close attention to our skin when transitioning from a hot to a cold environment and even when moving between areas of high humidity to those of relative dryness.

The cold weather associated with winter can cause the blood flow within our skin to slow down, which can accelerate the aging of our skin. It can lead to dull, sallow skin or even worse, e.g. fine lines and wrinkles, etc. Once we get into an indoor environment, which often has central heating or air-conditioning, the skin surface can get parched rapidly and lead to skin irritation in the form of dry patches and redness. So what should we do when facing the changing environmental conditions?

Extreme conditions that we face everyday.

The answer can be multifarious, but I believe that the most essential factor is HYDRATION.

Hydration. It sounds simple and straightforward, but believe me it’s never as easy as it seems. Why? Because when a woman’s beauty is at stake, it is necessary to look beyond the surface. To help us look underneath the camouflaged surface I’ve reduced this topic to 3 main focal points for you:

1. ’What needs hydrating

Skin, the largest organ of all our organs. But do you know that of the great amount of skincare products we apply everyday, only about 15% of them will be absorbed and it can vary depending on your skin type?

I find this to be a bit shocking and disappointing, but it is what it is. At the end of the day maybe only 15% is necessary to get the results we want. If not, a great way to satiate our desire for hydration is by ensuring that our internal intake of water is sufficient and that we are consuming a nutritionally balanced diet.

Nevertheless, many women (including myself) probably would jump at almost any chance to extend our vitality and youth, even if there were only a tiny hint of hope at the end of the tunnel like the ‘15%’.

2. ’How to hydrate’

The most intuitive response is probably water. But using water too frequently to wash our face/body (skin) can actually do harm.

My direct approaches:
-Drink plenty of water
-Healthy diet (rich in vitamins, which are great for skin hydration and other hydrating ingredients and supplements if needed)
-Use a suitable hydrating and moisturising skin toner
-Apply hydrating and moisturising masks regularly
-Exfoliate to help increase the ability of our skin to absorb all the fine ingredients we use

3. ‘Maintain the hydration’

Once our skin is nicely hydrated, the most important thing is how to lock it in and keep it hydrated as long as possible. Face/Body creams are a great help on this issue (especially the ones contain hyaluronic acid and lipids), they aid in sealing the good stuff inside and allowing our products to work their magic.

By the way, overnight face masks can really multiply our skin hydration capacity.

Oh, last but not least at all, please try your best to not be stressed; stress can cause serious skin problems. Therefore, take some time to take a nice warm bath, sing out loud or dance your butt off, if that’s what you like. Remember to be happy and relaxed or at worst not stressed.


I want to express my greatest gratitude to those who have had visited or been visiting my blog during my absence. Thanks to every single one of your kind readings, which has made my blogging life seem not so desolate. Although my energy seems limitless, time is, unfortunately limited.

For the time I was away, I have worked as stylist for a fashion company and I’ve been working on a new fashion project with a friend of mine (wish me luck). I have to say that I absolutely enjoyed my time working as a stylist because I now know more about fashion, design and styling. I have also encountered a lot of fun people with great passions who are an inspiration to me.

Now, here I come. I’m back to work on more posts to share with you. Please keep your eyes peeled. Great stuff is on its way~~~

Thursday, 21 November 2013

NARS Fling Lip Kit

Have you ever had a moment when you’ve laid your eyes on something, and just know that you have to have it? I had a moment like that when I saw the ‘Fling Lip Kit’ from NARS. (£30 HERENARS Or HERESelfridges)

This ‘Fling Lip Kit’ from NARS’s 2013 Guy Bourdin holiday collection is evidently inspired by the French high fashion photographer, Guy Bourdin. All the pieces from this holiday collection show some of Guy Bourdin’s signature images.

I got totally drawn into the fabulous lip container and did not really care what it came with. Luckily my blind shopping experience turned out to yield a lovely beauty find – this limited edition ‘Fling Lip Kit’ not only has a gorgeous appearance, but there are also some pretty amazing lip products contained within it (Roman Holiday sheer lipstick, Damage sheer lipstick, Dolce Vita Mini Velvet Matte Lip Pencil and Baroque Mini Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil).

These lip shades are perfect for autumn but I think they are great for use all year round too. Some of the lipsticks differ in terms of texture, despite the fact they share the same quality, great colour intensity and consistency. They can be applied on lips smoothly and leave them beautifully moistened.

The two sheer lipsticks contained within this kit are so balmy. They smooth onto lips beautifully and leave them softly moisturised with a mild coloured tint. Out of these two, the ‘Damage’ sheer lipstick takes my heart, as it sort of matches my natural lip shade and adds a little sheen and a lot of tenderness.

I have never been a fan of lip crayons, which is literally what the Dolce Vita Mini Velvet Matte Lip Pencil basically is. However, I actually don’t mind wearing this ‘crayon’ (in this case called ‘lip pencil’). Unlike the other lip crayons I’ve tried, this one from NARS glides on nicely and does not crease on my lips. Furthermore, I prefer to use this ‘Dolce Vita Velvet Matte’ Lip Pencil as a base and top it up with the ‘Damage’ sheer lipstick. As the ‘Dolce Vita Velvet Matte’ Lip Pencil is a bit more orange red compare to the ‘Damage’ sheer lipstick, it brings colour intensity whereas the ‘Damage’ sheer lipstick adds sheen and a hint of my natural lip colour.

Finally we are up to the last piece from this lovely kit -- Baroque Mini Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil. This plumy red lip pencil with fine golden shimmers is my favourite out of all the four lip products from this heavenly kit. It is an all-in-one product. It hydrates, softens, moisturises the lips and adds a beautiful glossy and intense colour. Additionally, the hyaluronic spheres added into its formula makes your lips look plumper and fuller.

I am extremely pleased that this impulsive purchase has turned out to be the complete opposite to a disaster I was half expecting. Let’s hope that I always continue to be this lucky.